Címlap 2

International recognition

The War is Over – documentary

“It is a premiss that National Széchényi Library is our most important collection” – interviews with Director-General Dávid Rózsa

An interview with Dávid Rózsa was aired on the Hungarian Catholic Radio on May 20, 2020, while on May 21, an interview with the new Director-General of the Hungarian national library, appointed in March 2020, was published on the cultural portal entitled Hajónapló (Logbook).

World War II was over 75 years ago - a documentary from NSZL

Under the title The War is Over, National Széchényi Library just published a documentary made by its Collection of Historical Interviews 15 years ago. Guided by expert historian Mária Ormos, the film presents what happened in Hungary in the spring of 1945, by pictures of period newsreels, excerpts from life interviews and via personal stories of witnesses.

International recognition of our corvina exhibition

Our exhibition entitled The Corvina Library and the Buda Workshop won a bronze award in the Interior Design and Exhibition category at this year’s A' Design Award and Competition.

Three recent NSZL publications

NSZL’s recent publications were based on the history of the Music Collection, on the representative collection of a unique private library and on the cultural historical significance of our corvinas.

Library services during the period of restrictions

Dear Readers and Visitors!
In view of the epidemic situation, National Széchényi Library has suspended indefinitely its personally available public services as of Tuesday March 17, 2020. While our reading rooms are closed, we will continuously publish our new online services on our site.

Prolongation of expired reader passes – remote access

In order to facilitate our readers’ research and learning activities, we will extend the validity of NSZL reader passes expiring between March 14 and May 31, 2020 for further two months, upon request by the reader, free of charge.

Subscribed databases can also be accessed from home

It is already possible for NSZL readers to remotely access databases via EduID authentication.

Online services provided by NSZL during coronavirus pandemic

National Széchényi Library has a role of high importance in providing access to cultural heritage contents. In the current situation, we use communication channels, such as our website, social media site, etc., to draw the users’ attention to library contents which can be well-exploited by e-learning projects. On top of that, Hungarian Electronic Library offers a rich digital collection for the general public.