Origin in infinity. Miklós Borsos memorial exhibition

2020/02/18 - 2020/04/30


National Széchényi Library is hosting a memorial exhibition dedicated to the oeuvre of sculptor, medal artist and graphic artist Miklós Borsos, who died thirty years ago.

Copy making service will not be available from February 11 until February 25, 2020


Digitális másolat készítése közben

Dear Customers,

Please, be informed that, due to technical reasons, no paper-based or digital copy making orders can be submitted, and the afore-mentioned services will temporarily not be available from February 11 until February 25, 2020.

Treasures of balls a hundred years ago: dance cards. Mini-exhibition

2020/02/06 - 2020/02/25


As the greatest Hungarian public collection, National Széchényi Library has been the keeper of a plethora of treasures, that are only rarely on display and which can be surprising at first sight. Selecting from these items, each month NSZL presents a relic or curiosity that has never before, or only rarely, been seen by the Hungarian public.

Rákóczi Web Archive


The digital archive, made on the occasion of Francis II Rákóczi Memorial Year in National Széchényi Library, can also be used for educational and research purposes, as a rich source of Hungarian social and military history of the 17th and 18th centuries. The digital archive was made in the framework of the Public Collection Digitization Strategy tender.

Hamlet and Bánk. World drama and national tragedy


Interpretations of the hero of one of the best-known works of Shakespeare and that of Hungarian playwright József Katona have been connected in the book authored by the excellent theater historian Adrienne Darvay Nagy. The book is part of a series publishing her research results and thoughts, and it was dubbed by her as a “Hamlet-fan’s tetralogy”.  

Hungarian Maps of 2019



Hymn, writer workshop, Ady – Day of Hungarian Culture



National Széchényi Library is preparing for the Day of Hungarian Culture with the original manuscript of the Hymn and the related Erkel sheet music, a chamber exhibition on Ady, a writer workshop and the presentation ceremony of an illustrated album.

Discount from the registration fee



On the Day of Hungarian Culture, we await our visitors with a 50-percent discount from the annual Library registration fee! On January 22, it is much more worthwhile becoming a registered reader of the Hungarian national library.

” Someone was on the move …” – Ady 100 in NSZL




13.00–14.30 (Room 516) “Get up and be free” – Writer Workshop led by Krisztina Rita Molnár, poet, writer and teacher. Inspiration of Endre Ady’s poetry for today's young people. Preliminary registration is required if you wish to attend the program. You can register at the following address: csoportvezetes@oszk.hu.

We’ll show you the manuscript of Hymn!


The Day of Hungarian Culture has been celebrated for 31 years, since 1989, on January 22, to commemorate the day in 1823 when Hungarian poet Ferenc Kölcsey finalized the manuscript of his Hymnus (Hymn) in Szatmárcseke. The poem has become the national anthem of Hungary.

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