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ARANY (GOLDEN) Autumn in fine arts and literature

World War I on maps

János Arany exhibition


Memorial meeting at Eötvös Loránd University

A memorial conference was held by the Institute of Library & Information Science at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the death of Mrs. Zoltán Soltész née Erzsébet Juhász. Several staff members of our Library delivered presentations at the meeting.

Acting Communities Program is one year old

Priority project entitled “Acting Communities – Active Community Involvement” EFOP-1.3.1-15-2016-00001, the primary aim of which is to strengthen social cohesion by way of an increased involvement of cultural institutions (libraries, museums, public education institutions), was launched last September. NSZL has been playing a significant role in the program.

Our colleagues’ lectures in Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

As part of a thematic week entitled National Library Days 2017 – ”Only from pure sources!”, the Association of Church Libraries and Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library will hold a professional conference entitled Tradition and innovation. The state, condition, processing and digitization of our museum collections.

Half a million articles in EPA

In August, the number of articles in NSZL’s Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database (Hungarian abbreviation: EPA) reached 500,000! The service is expanding and it continues to be available for free.

Microfilm Reading Room at a new location

As of August 22, 2017, Microfilm Reading Room will serve our readers at a new location, next to the Book Issue Station on Floor 7.

The Perception of Islam in Bohemia in the Turn of the 16th and 17th Centuries

This volume presents a special genre of Czech turkology, the works related to Islam. These works, although with the characteristics of religious debates, differ from the debates usual between Christian denominations, as their goal is not to convince the other party but to prevent Christians who connect with Turks from converting to Islam.

24 Carats – Poems by Contemporary Hungarian Poets

24 Carats is an act of play and celebration of contemporary poets who sent poems – greetings, homages, pastiches, paraphrases, ballads – answering the festive announcement of National Széchényi Library to submit works also in the form of manuscripts for our bicentenary exhibition „Others only get their laurels leaf by leaf…” – Treasures, Cult, Reception History.

Summer guided tours of our János Arany exhibition

In the summer, even during the annual closure of NSZL, special guided tours of our János Arany exhibition will be held at 4 p.m. every Thursday and Saturday. Organized groups can apply for other hours as well, but preliminary e-mail notice is required at least two weeks prior to the planned visit.