Címlap 2

Annual summer closure

CHANGING SPACES. The Danube region on historical maps

Not a jot from 48! – exhibition

E-books from Typotex

A free online higher education database including books published by Typotex Publishing House has been available in NSZL since 2018. Library readers can have access to the database via computers placed in our reading rooms.

Services of Akadémiai Kiadó

National Széchényi Library currently subscribes to three services of Akadémiai Kiadó, namely, the journals and dictionaries packages and the so-called MeRSZ, which provides Library users with an unlimited access to the full text of Hungarian and foreign-language journals included in these packages, to dictionaries published by the Kiadó, as well as to the continuously expanding electronic collection of basic and reference books.

Beautiful Hungarian Map 2017

The Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics of Eötvös Lorand University and the Map Collection of NSZL invite entries to win the title of “Beautiful Hungarian Map” this year, too. Contesting titles will be exhibited at an exhibition to be opened in National Széchényi Library in 2018.

ARANY 200 – NSZL 215

The 215-year old Hungarian national library celebrates János Arany, born 200 years ago, related to the Library foundation festivities as well. A two-day Scientific Session, discount book sales, the finals of a nationwide reciting competition entitled Te aranyok Aranya! (You Gold (Arany) of Golds!) and a Family Day, featuring guided tours, museum education and handicraft workshops and games for families, will be offered to our visitors.

Hungarian Electronic Library 17,000!

Recently the 17,000th volume, Virágfakadás (La vie en fleur; The Bloom of Life) by Anatole France was added to the Hungarian Electronic Library that has been collecting and providing for free a great variety of works for over twenty years.

Over 350 year-old sermon was found

Mikes Kelemen Program has found it, Reformation Project of the National Archives of Hungary restored it, and the Hungaricana Project made it available.

Acting Communities Program is one year old

Priority project entitled “Acting Communities – Active Community Involvement” EFOP-1.3.1-15-2016-00001, the primary aim of which is to strengthen social cohesion by way of an increased involvement of cultural institutions (libraries, museums, public education institutions), was launched last September. NSZL has been playing a significant role in the program.

Half a million articles in EPA

In August, the number of articles in NSZL’s Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database (Hungarian abbreviation: EPA) reached 500,000! The service is expanding and it continues to be available for free.