Címlap 2

ARANY (GOLDEN) Autumn in fine arts and literature

World War I on maps

János Arany exhibition


Specialities of a Cosmographic Atlas 6. – exhibition

Treasures from the map collection of Count Ferenc Széchényi. Golden Age of the Netherlands (Flemish and Dutch maps, atlases)

Content service on the history of the Rákóczi March

National Széchényi Library is proud to present its new thematic website on the history of the Rákóczi March, featuring items of its Music Collection.

Beautiful Hungarian Book 2016

A book by Head of the 1956 Institute János Rainer M., entitled Az 1956-os forradalom (The Revolution of 1956), won an award in the category of scientific works, reference and higher education books.

Double recognition of our publication

Our publication entitled Propaganda in World War I by Iván Bertényi Jr. and László Boka received a diploma at the Beautiful Hungarian Book 2016 competition, in the nonfiction category. At the same time, this volume was also granted the József Antall Memorial Award. Graphic design and layout were made by our colleague Judit Vincze.

The Bibliography of Hungary 1712–1860 IX. Supplements

Géza Petrik’s momentous The Bibliography of Hungary 1712-1860 (Budapest 1888-1892), originally of four volumes, now has a new supplement including prints published in Hungary and abroad in Hungarian or partly in Hungarian, between 1701 and 1800.

Géza Gárdonyi: The Eclipse of the Crescent Moon, volume I–II.

This is the facsimile of the first hard cover edition of the great historical novel by Géza Gárdonyi, The Eclipse of the Crescent Moon (known as Eclipse of the Crescent Moon since its second, 1905 edition). Our new publication is already available.

“The song may not have been forgotten” – Exhibition on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Mihály Tompa's birth

“Some legends related to Tompa will be denied, and we hope to create new legends about him.”

Reformation exhibition – cooperation

An exhibition entitled Ige-idők – A Reformáció 500 éve (Sermon Times – 500 Years of Reformation) was opened in Hungarian National Museum on April 27, 2017. Our Library also contributed to the organization of this exhibition.