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Extraordinary measure: NSZL is temporarily closed

Remote access

Bibliotheca Corvina Virtualis

Our databases in 2020

Online services provided by NSZL during coronavirus pandemic

National Széchényi Library has a role of high importance in providing access to cultural heritage contents. In the current situation, we use communication channels, such as our website, social media site, etc., to draw the users’ attention to library contents which can be well-exploited by e-learning projects. On top of that, Hungarian Electronic Library offers a rich digital collection for the general public.

Leaf through it! – a new series on our social media sites

NSZL will launch a new series on its Instagram and Facebook site, which enables users to have a look into the highly successful illustrated albums, published by the Library independently or jointly with other publishers, and have a glimpse into valuable exhibition catalogs and curiosities.

Remote access to the database of Kossuth Publishing House

Registered readers of National Széchényi Library can have a remote access to the database of Kossuth Publishing House.

NSZL’s web archive has become publicly accessible and interactive

Via the renewed service, web content can be recommended for long-term preservation by filling in a form.

Album instead of an exhibition: about Endre Ady

A richly decorated album was published in close connection with the theme of the exhibition, based on Ady relics from the collection of National Széchényi Library.

Libraries help with books delivered to the door and with online tale reading

Many libraries in the country bring books to the elderly and disabled people. Enthusiastic librarians read tales online for children trapped inside four walls, and the könyvtárak.hu website offers library podcasts to adults during the coronary epidemic.

Mercurius is available online

You can follow the main events of the Hungarian national library and also have a look at  library reports in  the latest, 2015–2016–2017 issue of NSZL’s almanac.


Management of the pandemic situation in libraries
On the website of the Hungarian Library Institute, we have added a new, highlighted menu item summing up all the library information on the epidemic situation summing up all the library information on the epidemic situation in the Information Services menu. (All information is in Hungarian, we show you this merely for your information.)