Címlap 2

World War I on maps – exhibition

Mozart, K. 331˜˜ – Virtual exhibition


The Rákóczi March

Diplomatic Spouses Budapest visited NSZL

Members of the Association of Diplomatic Spouses Budapest DSB (Diplomatic Spouses Budapest) paid a visit to National Széchényi Library on March 9, 2017.

Tradition and Innovation – NSZL as a Publisher

The exhibition opening on March 10 will present several areas of the publishing activities of NSZL, the wide range of our publications (illustrated albums, facsimile editions, book series, volumes of conference lectures, special publications, bibliographies, periodicals, etc.), and our publishing partners, special joint publications and cooperation with renowned publishers.

NSZL received Hungarian Heritage Award

Hungarian Heritage Award Committee of the Hungarian Heritage and Europe Society (Magyar Örökség és Európa Egyesület) granted Hungarian Heritage Award (Magyar Örökség Díj) to the Restoration Laboratory of NSZL for its parchment codex restoration process.

Digital content on the rise

The Hungarian Digital Archive of Pictures database contains some 75,000 items. Due to cooperation between National Széchényi Library and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary, more and more electronic journals arrive in the Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database of the Library.

János Arany Memorial Year 2017

As a keeper of the majority of Arany manuscripts, not to mention other reasons, National Széchényi Library has been playing a significant role in professional preparations for János Arany Memorial Year  2017 right from the start. The Hungarian national library will offer various programs in order to celebrate the memorial year in a manner it truly deserves.

NSZL publications on our website

For years now, National Széchényi Library has been present in the cultural life of Hungary as a book publisher as well. From now on, the 26 to 30 various publications published annually will be available or can be ordered at a common subsite within the official website of NSZL.

New publications of the Library

NSZL as a Book Publisher has been present on the Hungarian book market with its prestigious publications for years now. The Library publishes 26 to 30 publications annually, based on its unique collection and on the special knowledge of its staff members. On its own or jointly with renowned Hungarian and international publishing houses, NSZL publishes a wide range of books including facsimile editions, decorative albums, conference and study volumes, gap-filling bibliographies and exhibition catalogs.