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Orientalists in NSZL. February 20

Eternally Júlia – Faces and Question Marks


World religion and local tradition – Zoltán Szombathy's lecture

The February event of the fourth season of the lecture series entitled “Orientalists in NSZL” focuses on Indonesia research. The February speaker will be Arabist Zoltán Szombathy, Head of the Department of Semitic and Arabic Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University, expert in Southeast Asian and Black African Islam.

Book presentation: Online – History, theory and phenomena of internet communication and media

Presentation ceremony of a book by Zoltán Szűts entitled Online – Az internetes kommunikáció és média története, elmélete és jelenségei (Online – History, theory and phenomena of internet communication and media) will take place in National Széchényi Library on February 20, 2019.

NSZL to be re-opened on Saturday

Dear Visitors,

Hereby we inform you that our Library will be re-opened on Saturday February 16!

The History of the Transylvanian Unitary Church – book presentation in Kolozsvár

Book III/1. of The History of the Transylvanian Unitary Church will be presented on February 15, 2019 in Kolozsvár (Cluj), in the House of Religious Freedom. The book will be presented by János Káldos, Project Manager of National Széchényi Library.

Our colleagues at the BOBCATSSS conference

The 27th International BOBCATSSS conference of the library community was held from January 22 until January 24, 2019 in Osijek, Croatia. Our colleagues – three doctorandus students and a university professor – also took part in the symposium.

The Corvina Library and the Buda Workshop. Illustrated pages

The bilingual compilation gives an insight into the work of the Buda workshop. The images display codices (miniatures, bindings) that had been made in this workshop. The selection reflects the characteristics and focuses of production, and the explanatory text attached to the images provide readers with detailed information on the main features of the given codex.

The Corvina Library and the Buda Workshop. A Guide to the Exhibition

The guide to the exhibition displays the material of the exhibition entitled The Corvina Library and the Buda Workshop, together with accompanying studies and detailed descriptions of the objects.

Chamber exhibition from Pongrác Kacsoh’s bequest

On November 28, 2018, an exhibition presenting Pongrácz Kacsoh’s (1873–1923) oeuvre will be opened in NSZL’s Music Collection, on the occasion of the 145th anniversary of the composer’s birth.