Címlap 2

World War I on maps – exhibition

János Arany exhibition

Mihály Tompa – Exhibition


Our new facsimile edition

Almanac of Budapest Journalists Association 1909
By re-editing the Almanac of Budapest Journalists Association 1909, National Széchényi Library and Argumentum Publishing House aim at promoting research into the social, press and literary history of the early 20the century. Publishers also hope that the “educated readership” will also be interested in this volume.

MATARKA and EPA offer a new function

Options of users searching in periodicals have been expanded. On MATARKA site, you can search in the full text of periodical issues which can be found in both MATARKA and EPA. An article-level search field has also been built in the home page of EPA.

Pauliner exhibition in 3D

We are proud to present our latest thematic content service: a virtual exhibition almost entirely covering the exhibition entitled Our Pauliner Monks, the White Friars, organized jointly by National Széchényi Library and the Hungarian Pauliner Convent, open in Pécs between October 2014 and February 2015.