8th World Congress of Hungarian Librarians

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2018/10/06 - 2018/10/07


The 8th World Congress of Hungarian Librarians will be held on November 6 and 7, 2018. The slogan for this year’s program is the following: European Culture – National Heritage.

The system of library institutions is responsible for the collection, preservation and passing on of the cultural heritage of the nation, and is a supporter of Hungarian identity. Hungary aims at keeping in touch with libraries and librarians beyond the borders of the country, because this is part and parcel of a responsible management of the common Hungarian intellectual heritage.

For Hungarian people living beyond the borders of Hungary, either in minority status, or in diaspora, scattered all over the world, it is highly important to have a library system providing them with Hungarian-language printed, analog or digital documents, and also to have well-trained librarians to help them. For Hungarian librarians working beyond Hungary’s borders, it means important reinforcement, support and professional aid that, in addition to a regular, Hungarian-language professional training, they have the opportunity to gather for an exchange of experience in the framework of the regularly organized world congress of Hungarian librarians.

Programs of the first day of the conference will be held in the building of the House of Parliament, in partnership the 150-year old Library of the Hungarian Parliament. Venue of the second day of the world meeting will be National Széchényi Library.

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