Eternally Júlia – Faces and Question Marks: finissage

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As part of the finissage of our temporary exhibition entitled Eternally Júlia – Faces and Question Marks, a round-table discussion will be held in National Széchényi Library on Friday March 8, 2019. Starting at 15.30, the discussion will have the following invited participants: literary and art historian Zsolt Mészáros, industrial artist Edit Szücs, and curators of the exhibition, literary historians Anikó Ágnes Patonai and Rita Szűts-Novák. Moderator of the discussion will be literary historian Alinka Ajkay.

Participants of the discussion will try and find answers, among others, to questions such as what a garment (voluntary or unconscious choice of clothes) speaks of the person who wears it, but the issues of period, fashion, the nature and changes of fashion, following fashion trends and innovation will also be raised. The experts will discuss how garment as a work of art can reflect on a certain age, period, a given person, or even an oeuvre and work of art.

You are most cordially invited to the event.

Venue: National Széchényi Library, Wing “F” of Buda Royal Palace, Boardroom on Floor 5

Invitation card (in Hungarian)