Hungarian Digital Archive of Pictures

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DKA-039321 Picture of Agnes, Queen of Hungary in the Fugger Chronicle. Vasárnapi Ujság. Engraving, newspaper detail

Aimed at providing image documents, the Hungarian Digital Archive of Pictures (Hungarian abbreviation: DKA) targets to create a picture collection of high-resolution documents with a wide range of contents, in which users can search very easily.

Similarly to the collections of Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK) and Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database (EPA), DKA’s scope of collection includes Hungary-related digital documents which are valuable from educational, scientific and cultural points of view.

The collection, comprising over 20,000 image documents, includes, on the one hand, pictures which can be found in books of MEK and in certain publications of EPA, and on the other hand, private collections as well as pictures borrowed from CD-ROM publications and from various websites.

The archive includes postcards, maps, playbills, photos, graphics and paintings.

Our recent sub-collections are the following: Fauna, Flora, Hungary’s County and Town Coats of Arms originating from various image sharing sites on the Internet. Private donations give a special flavor to DKA’s scope of collection. Among these donations, we can find László Orincsay’s photo collection which was first published in Hungary in the Hungarian Digital Archive of Pictures.

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