65 years, 55 linear meters, 20 thousand items

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I. Világháborús emlékhelyek a debreceni református kollégiumban – kiadvány borítója


In December, 2015, staff members at the Collection of Posters and Small Prints finished putting into storage the current, batch-processed small prints of National Széchényi Library. The collection covering the period between 1951 and 2014 occupies 55 linear meters and it comprises over 20,000 documents. The actual collection of small prints is much larger than this one; it is stored in an independent repository.

The significance of the work that has just come to an end is that the storage and retrieval of the collection has now become complete. For example, if a researcher is looking for small prints on painting in the Collection of Posters and Small Prints, he or she can do it according to thematic groups based on the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC). Prints on this topic will be found on the same shelf in the repository.

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