The Attila József issue of Irodalmi Magazin will be available free of charge for a few hours

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Irodalmi Magazin (Literary Magazine) is a thematic periodical designed to promote classical fiction; it is a unique Hungarian literary magazine disseminating scientific information, the previous issues of which presented the oeuvre of writers and poets including Gyula Krúdy, János Arany, Áron Tamási, Ferenc Kölcsey, Sándor Márai, Endre Ady, Tamás Cseh, Mór Jókai, Sándor Kányádi and Ferenc Kazinczy. The latest issue of Irodalmi Magazin helps students with their literary studies, providing ample material both for students and the wider public in general.

The publishing house and the editors of the magazine decided to make the current (2020/2) issue of the journal, presenting the life work and oeuvre of Hungarian poet Attila József, freely downloadable on April 11, the Day of Hungarian Poetry. The decision took into account both the festive occasion and the present, pandemic situation.

Between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on April 11, 2020, those interested in Hungarian literature will be able to find the magazine in freely downloadable, PDF format on the site of Magyar Napló (Hungarian Journal), at After the brief period stated above, the electronic version of Irodalmi Magazin will be available at a discount price of HUF 750.

You can join the event here.