Balázs Mikusi was awarded Bolyai Plaquette

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At the award ceremony held in the Ceremonial Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, new holders of  Bolyai Scholarship were handed over a certificate testifying that they had won the scholarship. At the same time, memorial plaquettes were awarded to the 15 most eminent young researchers whose scientific performance was outstanding in the course of the scholarship. Memorial certificates, in recognition of outstanding research work, were awarded to 74 out of the 162 researchers whose Bolyai Scholarship ended last year. László Lovász, President of MTA handed over Bolyai Plaquettes to the 15 most eminent researchers including Balázs Mikusi, head of NSZL’s Music Collection.

In addition to the award ceremony, the program of Bolyai Day included three sample lectures representing three major fields of science, i.e. life sciences, human and social sciences as well as mathematics and natural sciences. In order to represent human and social sciences, the János Bolyai Research Scholarship Advisory Board of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences called upon Balázs Mikusi to deliver a lecture. Mikusi’s lecture entitled “What did Haydn collect? Reconstruction of a composer’s music library“ reported on the most important results of his three-year research work, supported by Bolyai Scholarship.

You can read more about the award ceremony on the website of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences