Blog series about the Mikes Kelemen Program

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Organized by the State Secretariat for National Policy, National Széchényi Library and the National Archives of Hungary, Mikes Kelemen Program was launched on January 1, 2014, in line with the ideas worded in the Final Declaration of the 3rd Meeting of the Diaspora Council. The order interface of the program, now in its seventh year, has recently been renewed.

Related to the Day of National Togetherness, we are launching a twelve-part blog series, the posts of which, written by our learned colleagues, are published on Fridays.

Within the framework of the large-scale program, public collections and school libraries in Hungary and abroad can acquire books, magazine issues and many other interesting items – from long-lived prayer books to vinyl records. Hundreds of thousands of documents arriving home from the diaspora are cared for and delivered to their destination by the staff of National Széchényi Library. It is a joyful experience that the collections of NSZL could also be supplemented by the treasures hidden in the boxes arriving home. This achievement, far beyond our expectations, has been reported on by our staff in the new blog series of the Library.

The first, introductory part was written by Éva Kaposvári-Dányi, head of the Acquisitions and Stock Registry Department, leader of the project within NSZL.

The individual parts of the 12-part series have appeared (in Hungarian) on the blog of the Hungarian national library every Friday since June 5, 2020.