Conference in memory of bibliographer Éva Lakatos

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“The newspaper is living, it does not let itself be bound and its fate is just as diverse as that of people.” (Béla Dezsényi)

Conference in memory of bibliographer Éva Lakatos

We are going to commemorate the oeuvre of our recently deceased bibliographer colleague on November 5, 2015, at a conference organized jointly with Petőfi Literary Museum, PIM (16 Károlyi Street, Budapest, H-1053).


Program of the Conference

  • 9.30 Welcome speeches by Csilla E. Csorba (Petőfi Literary Museum, PIM – Director-general) and László Tüske (National Széchényi Library, NSZL – Director-general)

Section I (Section Chairman: László Boka)

  • 10.00–10.20 Attila Buda: What happened on October 28, 1929? The death of Ernő Osvát and daily press
  • 10.25–10.45 Ágnes Kelevéz: The black country of Babits: from stumbling-stone to graduation theme
  • 10.50–11.10 Tibor Mészáros:  „…journalism does not hurt writers; it is an excellent school and practice.” (Some thoughts on Márai, the publicist)
  • 11.15–11.35 Ágnes Vajda: Dedicating artists – artistic dedications: a selection from author’s bequests at the Library of Petőfi Literary Museum, PIM
  • 11.40–12.00 Gábor Dobó – Pál Szeredi Merse: Avant-garde and journal research in Eastern and Central Europe (experiences of a conference)
  • 12.05–12.25 Miklós Bényei: Falusi Könyvtár (Village Library): a folk newspaper believed to be lost
  • 12-30–13.30 Lunch break

Section II (Section Chairman: Gábor Palkó)

  • 13.30–13.40 Attila Borsos: Dear Éva
  • 13.45–14.00 Krisztina Hegedűs: My memories of Éva Lakatos
  • 14.05–14.20 Anikó Kocsy: The heirless eternal newspaper librarian
  • 14.20–14.40 Inauguration of a research site: László Boka (NSZL – Director of Research and Academic Affairs) and Zsolt István Bánki (Petőfi Literary Museum, PIM – Head of division)

Section III (Section Chairman: Zsolt István Bánki)

  • 14.45–15.05 Johanna Vass: Bibliography and the history of press
  • 15.10–15.30 Mária Rózsa: My research into the history of Hungary’s German-language press and Éva Lakatos
  • 15.35–15.55 Ildikó Sirató: Theater sociology and theater history in the light of press. Apology of Éva Lakatos’ theater press bibliography
  • 16.00–16.20 Gergely Thuróczy: Pimples of encyclopedias, or what a bibliographer should do – double entries, redundancy and scattered data
  • 16.25–16.45 Gábor Palkó: Integration of (press) bibliographies and academic text editions in digital space
  • 16.45 Closing remarks by László Boka (NSZL – Director of Research and Academic Affairs) and Gábor Palkó (Petőfi Literary Museum, PIM – Scientific secretary)