Dávid Rózsa, Director-General of NSZL received a state award

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On July 8, 2020, Elek Fényes Award was granted by Gergely Gulyás, Minister of Prime Minister's Office to Dávid Rózsa, in recognition of his work in the field of statistics.

Elek Fényes was a 19th-century writer of economic statistics and geography, founder of the Hungarian local historical approach and work, and the first significant representative of Hungarian economic statistics. The award named after him is granted to professionals who do outstanding work in the field of statistics.

Dávid Rózsa is former Director-General of the Library of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and President of the Hungarian Statistical Society. His research interests include the world of research and special libraries in the 21st century; social utilization, measurability and statistics of library activities; the history of libraries and statistics.

His former recognitions: Director-General’s Recognition (Library of HCSO, 2011), Special Award of the Young Librarian of the Year Award (Máté Kovács Foundation, 2016).

More than one hundred and thirty publications, nearly half a hundred conference presentations and other lectures are associated with Dávid Rózsa's name. The most recent volume of his own: Szakkönyvtár a holnap határán (Special library on the border of tomorrow), HCSO Library, Budapest, 2018, p. 236.) His major book editing work includes: Portrék a magyar statisztika és népességtudomány történetéből. Életrajzi lexikon a XVI. századtól napjainkig (Portraits from the history of Hungarian statistics and demography. Biographical lexicon from the 16th century to the present day), HCSO Library, Budapest, 2014 [HCSO Library, (A statisztika történetei (Stories of Statistics) 1.], p. 807 [Editor-in-Chief]), A számontartott nemzet. A Trianon előtti és utáni évtizedek Magyarországa statisztikai térképeken (The nation accounted for. Hungary in the decades before and after the Trianon on statistical maps), Hungarian Central Statistical Office – HCSO Library, Budapest, 2020, p. 407 [Edited with Barna Rovács]. As member of the Editorial Board of Statisztikai Szemle (Statistical Review), Dávid Rózsa was a guest editor of the special Trianon issue (2020/6) of the journal.