Deadly Carousel –Vali Rácz, the Chanteuse – new content service

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The online content service of National Széchényi Library, related to the Hungarian edition of Monica Porter’s book entitled Deadly Carousel: A Singer’s Story of the Second World War (Hungarian title: Halálos körhinta – Rácz Vali, a dizőz, Deadly Carousel –Vali Rácz, the Chanteuse), gives abundant samples of the popular chanteuse’s soundtracks that have survived from the 1930s and 1940s. The discography compiled by translator and editor of the book Zsolt Péter strives for completeness. You can listen to the majority of the soundtracks by clicking on the Play button to be found in the middle of the disc label photos. This was made possible by the digitization of the original soundtracks kept in the gramophone disk collection of NSZL’s Music Collection, containing more than fifty thousand items.

The content service of NSZL can also be accessed via a QR code placed in the book.