Diplomatic Spouses Budapest visited NSZL

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Members of the Association of Diplomatic Spouses Budapest DSB (Diplomatic Spouses Budapest) paid a visit to National Széchényi Library on March 9, 2017. President of DSB Mrs. Elsa Behr, spouse of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Budapest could not be present at the event, so the group was led by Mrs. Cecilia Scalisi, spouse of the Ambassador of Argentina.

Visitors were welcome by János Káldos, Professional Manager of the National Library System Project, and then the group took an almost two-hour guided tour of the Hungarian national library. Guests were shown the so-called NSZL museum, the reading rooms and the Apponyi Room of NSZL’s Early Printed Books Collection where colleagues of the Special Collections – Dr. Balázs Mikusi, Head of Music Collection, Dr. Anna Boreczky, member of HAS-NSZL Res Libraria Hungariae Research Group and Zsuzsanna Bakonyi, research fellow of Early Printed Books Collection – presented our guests some of the most treasured items from the various special collections of National Széchényi Library.