International professional presence of our Library

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The official website of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) recently shared the news that IFLA Library Reference Model (IFLA LRM) has been translated into Hungarian and it was published here. LRM is a high-level conceptual reference model developed within an entity-relationship modelling framework. It is a basic document serving the renewal of library cataloging.

Another important news is that our colleagues have been elected into two major standards review groups. One of them is the ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description) Review Group, while the other one is the BCM (Bibliographic Conceptual Models) Review Group, which provides ongoing support for the maintenance and development of IFLA’s bibliographic conceptual models. In the former, NSZL staff member Judit Fejes, and in the latter, Szabolcs Dancs will represent Hungary and National Széchényi Library.