Libraries and Readers: We Belong Together – Call for Vaccination Registration by the National Library and Professional Library Associations of Hungary

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“Heaven must be a place where the library is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week..”

Alan Bradley

The Hungarian nation library, the National Széchényi Library and the professional associations of Hungarian libraries, librarians and information science professionals publish the following call.

Nowadays, perhaps the greatest challenge for the world and the libraries in it is to overcome and respond to the new conditions and restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Now that we are living in an age of isolation and seclusion, the spiritual nourishment that books represent and the authentic information that our libraries convey is needed more that usual. An important goal is to make the preserving power of culture available – through traditional and electronic books – in every Hungarian household even during the closure of libraries, while continuing to disseminate intellectual recreation, wise serenity and knowledge to library users.

As the surveys of the Hungarian Library Institute prove, the role of Hungarian libraries in fulfilling cultural tasks is significant even in these difficult times. Due to the limitations caused by the epidemic situation, we soon had to find creative solutions and alternatives by upgrading the previous, traditional service models. Not only did our own organizational operation change – duties to be fulfilled in home office gained a greater role, and the digitization of work processes also strengthened – but we also needed to rethink our range of services.

We have established book pick-up points, moved our events and exhibitions to the online space, and served the needs of our elderly readers and those living with disabilities by delivering books to their homes all over the country. While the number of our face-to-face services has decreased remarkably, we have almost doubled our online content services and significantly strengthened our web-based communication. We are present on blogs, websites, social media platforms, our collections are accessible to an unprecedented extent via the internet.

At the same time, in addition to our well-organized collections and skilled librarians, you, the readers, whose service is at the heart of our profession at all times, are essential to talking about a true library and knowledge community. We are certain, that we both look forward to meeting each other without restrictions. We all can all take action now.

Almost a year after the declaration of the first state of emergency, we have reached a crucial stage in the fight against the epidemic, and with the launch of mass vaccinations, we have every opportunity to restart our usual services as soon as possible.

Maintaining the health of our readers and employees is a top priority for all of us. An essential condition for the security of our institutions and community spaces is that the national vaccination rate reaches the required level. Therefore, we kindly invite you learn more about the vaccination and apply for it at

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