The Library Choir of NSZL at concert on April 6

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A régi Zeneakadémia homlokzata az Andrássy út felől. Forrás:


The Library Choir of NSZL cordially invites you and your friends to the concert of Lajos Bárdos Society to be held on April 6, 2019 at the Old Academy of Music. The event will feature the Diósd Female Choir and the Choir of National Széchényi Library, accompanied by piano, performing choral works composed by Hungarian composers, with special regard to Lajos Bárdos.


    Artúr Harmat: Alma redemptoris mater
    Artúr Harmat: Ave Regina caelorum – Regina caeli – Salve Regina
    Lajos Bárdos: Cantemus – Ave Maria – Jubilate
    Mátyás Kovács: Mári Lullaby
    György Ligeti: Two Canons (Like a stream gently flowing, Gossiping Women)
    Erzsébet Szőnyi: To the Sister Muses

Performed by the Diósd Female Choir
Conducted by Kinga Sirák-Kemény

    Lajos Bárdos: I Praise the Lord (Illyés: Psalm Songs 1693)
    The Arrival of the Lord, 1st Version (Endre Ady)
    Erkel’s Appeal – transcription for mixed choir of Lajos Bárdos (Mihály Vörösmarty)
    Franz Liszt: Cantantibus organis
    Zoltán Kodály: Ave Maria (female choir, accompanied, 1898)
    Zoltán Gárdonyi: Your Gentle Eyes, Lord Jesus – Rock of my Heart   

With Bárdos throughout the ecclesiastical year:

    Advent: Hungarian Magnificat (Valéria Dienes)

    Christmas: Let Us Give Praise Now (French Christmas, Andor Vaskó)
    Lent:  We See You in Your Calvary (Lajos Faragó)
    Easter and Pentecost: Glory (Náray: Lyra coelestis 1695)
    Corpus Christi: Alleluia (from the Eucharist Mass)
    Lajos Bárdos: The Supplication of Jeremiah (The Lamentations of Jeremiah V, translated by László Balássy)

Performed by the Choir of National Széchényi Library

Conducted by Mária Eckhardt and Ágnes Gupcsó
Featuring on piano: Andrea Darvassi

Performed jointly by the two choirs:
Lajos Bárdos: Blessed Virgin

Host: Klára Márkusné Natter-Nád

Admission is free, subjected to the capacity of the room. We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.


Venue: Chamber Hall of the Old Academy of Music, 35 Vörösmarty Street, H-1064 Budapest
Date: Saturday April 6, 2019, 6 p.m.

Invitation card of the concert (in Hungarian)