Library services during the period of restrictions

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Dear Readers and Visitors!
In view of the epidemic situation, National Széchényi Library has suspended indefinitely its personally available public services as of Tuesday March 17, 2020.
While our reading rooms are closed, we will continuously publish our new online services on our site.



Részletező (Detailer) – Teach and learn with us!

Educational content, auxiliary materials from the online services of NSZL


Reprographic services

Our reprographic services will temporarily be suspended. Of course, orders that have already been submitted will be fulfilled, but we will not accept new orders for a while. We will inform you when our services will be resumed at the site of the particular service, and also in the news section of the official website of National Széchényi Library.


For publishers and printing houses

Publication IDs (such as ISBN, ISMN and ISSN numbers) will be issued uninterruptedly, on duty, via e-mail (,,

No legal deposits can be submitted in NSZL as of Monday March 23, 2020.


We kindly ask for your understanding and patience. The staff and management of National Széchényi Library are looking forward to seeing you soon!