MATARKA and EPA offer a new function

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Hungarian Periodicals Table of Contents Database dubbed MATARKA has been in close cooperation with Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database since 2004.

Within the framework of a tender, both services were expanded with a new function. The full-text search function of MATARKA makes it possible to search in the full text of periodical issues which can be found in both MATARKA and EPA. The new function allows researchers to get access to the contents of over 300 periodicals in a more subtle way.

In the past, MATARKA users could make a narrow search in documents to be found in EPA, according to title or author. But now search is made possible in full text: special terms and names, which are not included in the table of contents of periodicals, can also be found. By clicking on the title of the publication in the hit list, the given issue or article will be downloaded from EPA. The “Table of Contents” link helps users to have access to the table of contents of a given periodical issue.

At the same time, a MATARKA search box has been built in the home page of EPA (in the right column of the home page) by the help of which you can make direct search among the authors or titles of articles which have been processed by MATARKA database and archived by EPA.

MATARKA is a freely available national service which has been managed by the University of Miskolc, Library, Archives and Museum since 2002. It offers search and browsing of the contents of scientific and technical journals published mainly in Hungary. EPA, Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database is a service of National Széchényi Library. The current development was finance by ISZT, the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers, within the framework of a tender of MATARKA Association.