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Mercurius is a professional yearbook published annually by National Széchényi Library which, following on the tasks of the former OSZK Híradó (NSZL News) and NSZL yearbooks, has been regularly reporting on the international cooperation of the Library, on conferences held in the given period, on major exhibitions, including the exhibition entitled Propaganda in World War I, on our publishing activity, on IT development in NSZL, on the memorial years of the given period, and on a lot of other issues since 2002.

Excerpt from László Boka’s editorial foreword:
“Leading European public collections (not only libraries, but museums and archives, and partly other cultural institutions) have been characterized in the last decade by an expanding approach, the imperative blurring of former institutional/genre boundaries, and have been pushed toward the so-called hybrid institutional existence by an ever increasing display, accessibility, as well as scientific exploration and digitization of the stored heritage items.
Anthropological research on the issue of cultural heritage and public property has already proved by the end of the first decade of the new millennium that these institutions were no longer merely collecting objects and documents, but that they have rather been focusing on interpreting them, so these leading (national, major) collections can be successfully displayed not as neutral spaces, but as a seamless chain of dialogues, prestigious events, accompanying performances, conferences and other community building events. ”

The latest issue for the years 2015-2016-2017 will be available from NSZL Publishing House later, but until then, it can be read online in the Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database.