A Mozart manuscript – new thematic service

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NSZL proudly presents its new thematic website presenting pages of the Mozart manuscript found in its Music Collection and presented to the public in September, 2014. In the spring of 2014, an unknown Mozart manuscript was identified in the Music Collection of National Széchényi Library by Dr. Balázs Mikusi, head of the Music Collection. Since the four-page fragment includes close to half of one of Mozart’s best-known pieces, the Sonata in A major (K. 331, with the ‘Alla Turca’ finale) in the composer’s own handwriting, the discovery attracted extraordinary attention.
At our new website, you can have a look at four pages of the Mozart manuscript, Mozart’s handwriting and you can also read about the significance of the discovery, about what kind of amendments can be made to the so-far known sheet music of this sonata. On top of that, you will find information about how the manuscript was identified and details about the public presentation of the document. And finally, we present yet another Mozart autograph, the one with Köchel number K. 269c, which is also owned by National Széchényi Library.

You are welcome to visit our new website at the following address: