NSZL Publishing House at the 90th Festive Book Week

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From June 13 until June 17, 2019, Festive Book Week, the greatest open-air festivity of contemporary Hungarian literature will be held on the 90th occasion. Due to reconstruction work carried out on Vörösmarty Square, the usual venue of Festive Book Week, this year book fans will find the event on the Danube promenade, on the territory between Vigadó Square and Március 15 Square.

We are looking forward to seeing our former and new readers on the Danube promenade, at Booth No. 110 (at the side entrance of Hotel Marriott). National Széchényi Library is preparing for the Festive Book Week with a literary and press history travel. With the guidance of literary historians Zoltán Szénási and András Virágh, you can have a glimpse into the reprint edition of the Almanac of the Budapest Journalists’ Association 1908, which bears the title of Magyar Bohémvilág (Hungarian Bohemian World). The volume presents writings by prominent representatives of early 20th-century Hungarian literature that are fascinating even from the perspective of 110 years. Presentation of the publication comes complete with a stage program.

Volumes of Szeretném, ha szeretnének (I want to be loved) by Endre Ady and Lábadozó szél (Convalescent Wind) by Miklós Radnóti will also be available at the Festive Book Week. As a result of the series published jointly with Kossuth Publishing House, NSZL is preparing with reprint editions of the original volumes of poems by the greatest Hungarian poets. At the same time, available will be two of the latest 2019 issues of Irodalmi Magazin (Literary Magazine), the one on Mór Jókai and the other one on poet Sándor Kányádi, who died last year and who would be 90 this year.

The Aladár Kuncz Memorial Conference held in the autumn of 2018 settles an old debt in relation to Transylvanian Hungarian literature. Aladár Kuncz made his way into classical Hungarian literature and world literature with his novel entitled Fekete kolostor (Black Monastery). But what kind of role did Kuncz play in the organization of Transylvanian Hungarian literature after the Treaty of Trianon? What preceded his famous novel? Among others, these issues have been discussed at the conference. Edited version of the conference presentations was published, as part of a publishing cooperation, by NSZL and MMA (Hungarian Academy of Arts) in spring 2019.

Bibliotheca Hungarica Antiqua series No. 47, published jointly by National Széchényi Library and Balassi Publishing House, is the facsimile edition of the so-called Bártfa Song Book of 1593 (Divine Praise to the Christian Church).

NSZL Publishing House is waiting for you with book signing on Friday, and there will be stage programs of book presentation discussions early Sunday afternoon.

Special Award of the President of Hungary was granted to the book entitled „Volt a hazának egy-két énekem” ARANY 200 (“I had one or two songs for my nation” ARANY 200), which was published on the occasion of the János Arany Memorial Year. The volume edited by László Boka and Zsuzsanna Rózsafalvi includes essays based upon the papers presented at the annual NSZL Scientific Session held in honor of the 200th anniversary of János Arany’s birth. The book is the jubilee, tenth volume of the Bibliotheca Scientia et Artis series launched in cooperation with Gondolat Publishing House. Award presentation ceremony will be held on the opening day of the 90th Festive Book Week in Petőfi Literary Museum.