Our colleagues at the BOBCATSSS conference

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The 27th International BOBCATSSS (Barcelona, Oslo, Budapest, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tampere, Stuttgart, Szombathely, Sheffield) annual conference of the library and IT professional communities was held from January 22 until January 24, 2019 in Osijek, Croatia. The title of the conference was the following: “Information and technology transforming lives: Connection, Interaction, Innovation”.

NSZL staff members – three doctorandus students and a university professor – also took part in the symposium and delivered the following lectures in English:

  • Andor Nagy: Ensuring equal access to digital content: how to make an accessible web design for a librarian wiki website?
  • Rita Radó: New challenges for the libraries in the digital era
  • Máté Tóth: Libraries as public sphere institutions – comparative study in six European countries
  • Márton Németh and László Drótos: Web archives as a research subject

Next year’s venue of the annual conference will be Paris.

The next issue of Könyv, Könyvtár, Könyvtáros (Book, Library, Librarian) magazine will report on the event.