Our colleagues’ lectures in Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

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As part of a thematic week entitled National Library Days 2017 – ”Only from pure sources!”, the Association of Church Libraries and Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library will hold a professional conference entitled Tradition and innovation. The state, condition, processing and digitization of our museum collections. The event will take place in Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library on October 2, 2017.

Four research fellows of National Széchényi Library will deliver the following lectures at the conference:

  • Gábor Sarbak (HAS-NSZL Res Libraria Hungariae, Fragmenta Codicum Workshop): Codices and codex catalogs
  • Farkas Gábor Farkas (Early Printed Books Collection): Incunabula as cultural history sources – A review of provenance research and ecclesiastic collections
  • Judit P. Vásárhelyi (Department of Research in Book and Cultural History): New opportunities in the bibliographical exploration of early Hungarian printed books
  • János Káldos (Project Office): Museum piece library documents in the plans of the National Library Platform of Hungary.

Related to the event will be the presentation ceremony of a catalog entitled Pannonhalmi Főapátsági Könyvtár ősnyomtatványai (Incunabula of the Library of Pannonhalma Archabbey).