Pauliner exhibition in 3D

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National Széchényi Library and the Hungarian Pauliner Convent organized a joint exhibition entitled Our Pauliner Monks, the White Friars, which was open in Pécs between October 2014 and February 2015. The virtual version of the exhibition, out just recently, gives not only a space experience and spectacle but, via the navigation of a 3D application, you can read text that used to be on the walls, you can zoom in on most of the objects on the walls and in the showcases, you can watch the cards which were stored in small boxes on the walls of the original exhibition and which could be taken away by visitors. You can also listen to the audio material of the exhibition.

During browsing, by clicking on the small images appearing below (menu bar) you can select more and more new parts, entering where (by clicking), not only can you “walk” (with the help of small arrows) in the lobby and the two great exhibition halls, but also you can enlarge the total view. The tiny magnifying glass and earphone icons mark the places where content to be viewed closer or material to be listened to can be found.

At the request of the Hungarian Pauliner Convent, the 3D version was made by István Takács (photo, programming and mounting), Máté Török (image) and Annamária Sudár (editing).

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