Web archiving in Hungary – in international academic literature

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A paper written by our colleagues Márton Németh and László Drótos for special journal Digital Library Perspectives, entitled “A blended learning-based curriculum on Web archiving in the National Széchényi Library”, was recently granted the “Literati Award” in the category of Highly Commended Paper by Emerald Publishing.

The paper discusses web archiving in the context of education. It analyzes the content and structure of the accredited in-service training program developed jointly with the staff of the Hungarian Library Institute, examining separately courses implemented in the form of traditional physical participation and those realized primarily in the form of blended education. The paper also presents the international context in which course building fits in, including personal author experience gained during a Danish web archiving course, which later became useful in the development of the educational framework.

The study can be downloaded free of charge for six months at the following address: https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/DLP-03-2019-0012/.