Alexander Multifrons

Alexander Multifrons

Alexander Multifrons
Studies to celebrate Sándor Dörnyei on his 90th birthday
Edited by Péter Perger
NSZL–HAS Faculty of Humanities –MOKKA-R Association, Budapest, 2016.
[Booklets of Hungarian Book Review and MOKKA-R Association 8. Series Editor: István Monok], 214 pages
ISBN 978 963 446 781 6

2 500,- Ft

This book is a present of the friends, colleagues, disciples and fellow researchers of Sándor Dörnyei for the 90th birthday of the remarkable historian of medicine, bibliographer, former member of the National Pharmaceutical Institute, and bibliothecarius emeritus of National Széchényi Library. The studies of the thematically organized volume touch upon all the relevant areas of the diverse and multi-faceted work of Sándor Dörnyei. The congratulations are followed by the first chapter that describes some of the recent results of the Hungarian research of medical history from medical codices and early printed sources to details of the biography of famous Hungarian physicians and the initial period of the institution of school doctors. The authors pay tribute to the compiler of medical bibliographies with writings that lean on his basic source works and present his predecessors. Studies on the history of pharmacy of the Middle Ages, the Early Modern and Modern Period are added to the list of related topics. The second thematic unit includes the description of two new findings that belong to the Hungarian national bibliography and three articles of the history of press. The closing chapter presents various areas of the Hungarian cultural history according to the wide range of interests of the Celebrated. An index of Sándor Dörnyei’s works makes the book complete.

Booklets of Hungarian Book Review and MOKKA-R Association

For centuries, books were the only means of passing on cultural values, so the history of books is related to all the areas of cultural history. No wonder that a number of new institutions for presenting book culture history are currently being set up. As one of Europe’s oldest book history periodicals, Hungarian Book Review cannot assume the publication of all the writings on book history in Hungary, it has joined MOKKA-R (the old books section of Hungarian National Joint Catalogue Association), an entity founded in 1994 to coordinate the elaboration of old books. Our series of booklets presents primarily the lectures held at the MOKKA-R department sessions, but also gives room for works on book history with larger extent than publishable in Hungarian Book Review.

The publishers of the series are NSZL, the Institute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Science, and MOKKA-R Association.