János Arany – Folder

János Arany – Folder

János Arany – Folder
Facsimiles of János Arany documents
NSZL, Budapest, 2017.

1 100,- Ft

This is a collection of high quality facsimiles of manuscripts, contemporaneous printed copies and other documents related to János Arany and his life, from the General and Special Collections of National Széchényi Library. The folder with thirteen sheets was an accompanying publication of the ”Others only get their laurels leaf by leaf” exhibition for the bicentenary of the poet’s birth.


  1. Sándor Petőfi’s portrait of Arany
  2. Sándor Petőfi’s drawing of the Truncated Tower
  3. The manuscript of The Consecration of the Bridge
  4. Margaret Bridge
  5. The János Arany memorial statue in the garden of the Hungarian National Museum
  6. The manuscript of Toldi
  7. The manuscript of Toldi’s Night
  8. The manuscript of Toldi’s Love
  9. János Arany – Zsigmond Pollák’s copper engraving after Ede Elliger’s photograph
  10. János Arany’s stamp
  11. Alajos Stróbl: The statue of Toldi on the János Arany monument
  12. The manuscript of Epistle to Petőfi
  13. The Truncated Tower