Literary Journal 2015/2. László Nagy

Literary Journal 2015/2. László Nagy

Literary Journal 2015/2. László Nagy
Editor in Chief: Zoltán Jánosi
NSZL–Magyar Napló, Budapest, 2015.
ISSN 2063-8019

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How did the verse Ki viszi át a szerelmet (Who Will Take Love) become a catchphrase? Which poem of László Nagy was the theme of a drypoint-etching of world-wide known artist Simon Hantai made at his age of 26? How did the literary translator László Nagy relate to Federico García Lorca, Dylan Thomas and Zbigniew Herbert?

The reader can get a detailed answer to all these questions from the present issue of Literary Journal dedicated to the poet.

Also some artist friends of his are introduced like István Kormos and Béla Kondor whose seven paintings complemented by poems of László Nagy can now be seen together. But the most sincere and straightforward words come from his younger brother, István Ágh.

The authors of the issue, the most renowned László Nagy researcher in Hungary Zoltán Jánosi who wrote the introductory study, art historian Lajos Szakolczay, literary historian András Gy. Szabó and critic, academic Tamás Tarján all help us to get a picture of László Nagy as literary translator and artist. The first topic highlighted by the Journal is ethics, also elaborated upon by the preface written by essayist Gábor Mórocz.

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