Map History Bulletin 1.

Map History Bulletin 1.

Map History Bulletin 1.
Yearbook of National Széchényi Library’s Map Collection, 2016.
Editor in Chief: László Pászti
NSZL, Budapest, 2017., 160 pages

ISBN 977 256 006 500 3
ISSN 2560-0656

2 100,- Ft

Map History Bulletin is on one hand the realization of an old dream: a separate yearbook with the printed version of the extended and edited articles of the Földabrosz (Cloth of the World) blog. On the other hand, this enterprise makes up for a long-time debt of the map historian profession, as a publication of this sort has been sorely lacking from our academic environment. The yearbook adds a more decorous form to the valuable contents and offers an acknowledged and motivating possibility of publication for map historian colleagues working in the associated institutions.

The editors were delighted to see that the papers in this first issue are not some dusted off old writings taken out of drawers, but new essays written especially for this occasion. As the year 2016 fortunately coincided with the 250th anniversary of the birth of János Lipszky, our volume is organized around his outstanding personality. The research papers related to the anniversary exhibition and the accompanying conference are all of great importance.


  • György DANKU: A newly procured item of the NSZL Map Collection, A New Mapp of the Kingdom of Hungary and the Adjacent Countries By Phil. Lea
  • István BENDEFY: The works of László Bendefy (Benda) László as a map historian
  • László PÁSZTI: The afterlife of János Lipszky’s map Tabula generalis Regni Hungariae
  • György DANKU: Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli. A turning point in the history of the map representations of Hungary
  • László PÁSZTI: Hungarica maps in the map collection of the Institute of Geography of the Humbldt University
  • Árpád TÓTH: The German evangelical citizen background of copper engraver Johann Gottfried Prixner
  • László PÁSZTI: Edmund von Zuccheri’s maps of Hungary
  • László PÁSZTI: A supplement to the list of the Lipszky maps and their elaborations
  • Csaba REISZ T.: The most recent results of the Lipszky-oeuvre research.