Mercurius 2014

Mercurius 2014

Mercurius 2014
National Széchényi Library
Edited by László Boka
NSZL, Budapest, 2015., 52 pages
ISSN 1589 4738

1 200,- Ft

Mercurius is the official yearbook of National Széchényi Library that, following the tradition of the previous OSZK Híradó (NSZL News), and OSZK-NSZL Yearbooks, provides information on the yearly activity of the Hungarian National Library, its performance, tasks assumed, main events and most important academic achievements.






  • Editorial Preface
  • Together Again: The One-Time Volumes of the Kölcsey Library
  • Sir Secretary – Szigligeti 200
  • Facing and Forming the Tradition
  • The Gift of the Sultan: Four Corvinas from the Library of the Serai
  • The Gate of Orient – A New International Road
  • Turkey, our Guest
  • „Bolder than Painting”. The Modern Hungarian Commercial Poster 1924–1942
  • Book and Man Suppressed. The Period of Disaster and the National Széchényi Library
  • This is What it was Like: Night of the Museums in 2014
  • Guardians
  • The Value-Rescuer
  • NSZL at Book Festivals
  • Vain Memories – The Atmosphere of the Sixties. “Do you Remember That, Tell Me My Dear Friend”
  • ELDORADO – Electronic Documents to Everybody!
  • „Ugly Book is a Sacrilege”
  • Curiosity in the History of Binding From the Library of Hungarian Women
  • Radnóti Memorial Year
  • Our Pauliner Monks, the White Friars
  • NSZL – Research Session(s), 2014
  • MEK 20. – EPA 10.
  • The Discovery of the Year. Unknown Mozart-Autograph in the Music Collection
  • The Prague Calendar Restored
  • Széchényi Memorial Day, 2014