Bird's-eye View and Fisheye Optics – book presentation

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A volume of literary criticism authored by our colleague Beatrix Visy will be presented in Kelet Kult – Irodalmi & Science Café on January 17, 2018. The event will start at 6 p.m.; the venue is located at 29 Bartók Béla Street, Budapest.

István Margócsy will have a discussion with the author.

Host on the publisher’s behalf: László Jenei

Blurb of the book:
“The title, says Beatrix Visy, is an »intrusion point« for interpretation. Let us follow then her directions and apply them to her. As usual, she chose the title of one of her criticisms to be the title of the book. It is not irrelevant that the subject of this piece is a book by first time Transylvanian author Orsolya Láng. This shows that our critic is willing to take the risk of measuring the earliest publications, that she extends her interest in Hungarian literature outside Hungary, and that she is deeply interested in the works of female authors. However characteristic, the rich content of her book is not limited to these three topics – we can also read plenty about living classics, authors on the zenith of their career, well-known and lesser known writers, and also about fellow critics. Both bird's-eye view and fisheye optics mean a wide perspective but basically different viewpoints; the title refers to openness to such things. Visy is a follow-up critic, carefully showing the structure of the criticized works in order to calmly consider its operation and carrying capacity. She is a follow-up critic, inasmuch as she does not enforce exterior expectations, but she reconstructs and enforces inherent norms of the works in her criticism. We, the readers can follow her with trust throughout her critical adventures. She takes us to good places and often to unfamiliar areas.

By Sándor Radnóti”

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