Summering of Museums 2018

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WE WILL VISIT OUR HOME! – The Hungarian national library used to carry out its collecting, guarding and servicing activities in the same building as the Hungarian National Museum, so are more than happy to take part in the joint festivities of the Summering of Museums every May. This year, we will wait for visitors and families with creative crafts games and bookmark making on May 13, 2018. The test of excitement and skill will be rewarded in an unusual way, with discount coupons that can be used at our book fair during the Night of Museums 2018. So it will be worthwhile to stop by and make some lovely tiny items at the booth of National Széchényi Library. All you need is a set of clean fingertips, some funny ideas and a smiling face, and the summery sparkle is ready!

We are looking forward to seeing you, your family and friends, so that we could celebrate and have fun together!

Poster of the event (in Hungarian)

Pictures of the Summering of Museums 2017