Progress in Hungarian library standardization

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One of the key tasks of the national library is the coordination of issues related to library standardization, including the preparation of library standards, rules and recommendations. We are pleased to inform you about positive developments in this field.

Commissioned by National Széchényi Library and based on the work plan of the National Committee for Library Standardization, the Hungarian Standards Institution (MSZT) carried out a front-page approval announcement publication of standards with the reference numbers and titles listed below, as well as their introduction into the stock of national standards:

  • MSZ ISO 10957: 2018: Information and documentation. International Standard Music Number (ISMN)
  • MSZ ISO 2709: 2018: Information and documentation. Format for information exchange
  • MSZ ISO 15511: 2018: Information and documentation. International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL)
  • MSZ ISO 15836-1:2018: Information and documentation — The Dublin Core metadata element set. Part 1: Core elements

The above standards are available in English. Full implementation of several international standards concerning the Hungarian library community, and the preparation of their publication in Hungarian are currently going on. Implementations take place as part of the National Library System Project of NSZL.

We would like to draw the attention of fellow librarians who are interested in the renewal of library cataloging to the so-called RDA-HU workgroup, an inter-institutional workgroup set up to prepare and coordinate the introduction of RDA (Resource Description and Access) cataloging rules in Hungary. Your can read more about the RDA-HU workgroup here.