Content of the ISSN record


The national centres belonging to the ISSN network are responsible for the assignment of an ISSN to serial publications issued in their own country, and for keeping a record corresponding to the rules of the international system. The records produced and maintained locally and forwarded to the Paris ISSN International Centre in exchange format provide information on the most essential bibliographic data required for the identification and description of serial publications. The records contain the following data elements:

  • ISSN
  • Key title
  • Abbreviated key title
  • Variant titles (parallel titles, cover title, other title variants)
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher
  • Name of issuing body (as on piece)
  • Publication status: currently published or discontinued
  • Dates of publication (start year -end year)
  • Frequency
  • Type of publication (newspaper, journal, series, other)
  • Language of the publication's basic text
  • Physical medium of the publication (printed, Braille, audio cassette, video cassette, microfiche, floppy disc, magnetic tape, CD-ROM, online)
  • Code of country of publication
  • Code of country registering
  • Dewey or UDC classification)
  • ISSN and key title of titles linked bibliographically to the publication (past form, continuation, main journal, auxiliary journal, main series, subseries, associated journal, various publication variants appearing locally, in different languages or on different media)
  • Mode of access and address for periodicals with remote access