‘404 Not Found – Who will preserve the Internet?’ Video conference and workshop – 2021

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2021/11/23 - 2021/11/24


On 23–24 November 2021, the National Széchényi Library is organizing the annual event about archiving web content. The fifth ‘404 Not Found – Who will preserve the Internet?’ conference and workshop is being organized online via Microsoft Teams, the same way as last year. The event consists of two parts.

On the first day web archive employees from the neighbouring countries will introduce their collections and professional activities, then the collaboration opportunities will be discussed. The presentations of the first day will be delivered in English.

On the second day Hungarian presentations will be taking place about digital preservation, web archiving at the National Széchényi Library, establishing collaborations with Hungarian libraries, RDA-based metadata planning and the WARCNET project, which is focusing on the use of web archives in the field of scientific research. In the following part, Digital Humanities Research Centres will introduce their research projects related to the preservation of ‘born-digital’ materials. Finally, through a concrete example the workflow of archive-friendly transformation of a web portal will be discussed.

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The program of the event:

Day 1 (Presentations will be held in English)

  • 10.00 Welcome speech / Dávid Rózsa, Director General, National Széchényi Library, Hungary
  • 10.10 Opening speech / Dr. Csaba Latorcai, State Secretary for Public Administration, Ministry of Human Resources, Hungary
  • 10.20 Web archive of National Library of the Czech Republic / Marie Haškovcová, Head of Web Archiving Department and Zdenko Vozár, Director of ICT Division, The National Library of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
  • 10.40 5-Year Journey of Slovak Web Archive / Ing. Peter Hausleitner, web archive curator, University Library in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 11.00 A decade of webarchiving in Austria – experiences and challenges / Michaela Mayr MSc, Department Head Digital Library, Austrian National Library, Austria
  • 11.20 Break
  • 11.50 Croatian Web Archive: spreading boundaries / Karolina Holub, library adviser, Croatian Digital Library Development Centre and Inge Rudomino, library adviser, Croatian Web Archive
  • 12.10 Web archiving at the National and University Library Slovenia: an overview and future plans / Janko Klasinc, web archivist, National and University Library, Slovenia
  • 12.30 From Seed to Blossom – The Hungarian Web Archiving Project / László Drótos, librarian, topic leader, National Széchényi Library, Hungary
  • 13.00 Lunch break
  • 14.00 Round-table discussion about the collaboration

Day 2 (Presentations will be held in Hungarian)

  • 10.00 Digital Preservation / István Moldován, team leader, National Széchényi Library
  • 10.30 Current issues related to the Web Archive of the National Széchényi Library / László Drótos, librarian, topic leader, National Széchényi Library
  • 10.50 Establishing collaboration forms with county libraries / Ákos László Visky, web curator, National Széchényi Library
  • 11.10 Web archive – related research activities through the WARCNET project / Márton Németh, web librarian, National Széchényi Library
  • 11.30 RDA application profile for web archive contents / Szabina Ilácsa, metadata expert, National Széchényi Library
  • 11.50 Break
  • 12.20 The real test of the portal is web harvesting – Analysing archives of Hungarian news portal from the perspective of digital heritage / Balázs Indig Ph.D., scientific member, Eötvös Loránd University Department of Digital Humanities
  • 12.40 Long-term preservation of e-mails / Gyula Kalcsó Ph.D., digital humanities expert, Petőfi Literary Museum, Digital Humanities Centre
  • 13.00 First steps in web archiving at the Dániel Berzsenyi Library – Making an archive-friendly version of the bdmk.hu portal / Ádám Perger, system administrator, Dániel Berzsenyi Library