404 – Who will preserve the internet?

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On Thursday November 15, 2018, National Széchényi Library will host a professional day on the tasks of public collections related to the archiving of web and other internet content. The professional day is a sequel to the one held on October 13, 2017. (Click here for the previous event.) The program will start at 1 pm. and last until approximately 5:30 p.m.; venue of the event will be the Ceremonial Hall of NSZL on Floor 6 of the Library building.

The professional day will provide an overview of the experiences, achievements and future goals of the web archiving pilot project  operating as part of Hungary’s OKR (National Library System) program and ending at the end of 2018. After that, five keynote lectures will be delivered, followed by a round-table discussion on the possibilities of cooperation, with invited guests representing various areas of public collections.

Scheduled program:

13:00–13:05 Welcome speech delivered by László Tüske (Director-General, NSZL)

13:05–13:15 Csaba Latorcai (Minister of State for Public Administration, Ministry of Human Capacities) will open the professional day

13:15–13:45 László Drótos (task manager, NSZL, web archiving pilot project): Current achievements of the web archiving pilot project of NSZL

13:45–14:15 István Moldován (Head of Department, NSZL, Department of Electronic Library Services): Plan and feasibility conditions of a functioning Hungarian web archive

14:15–14:45 Dr. Annamária Halász (jurist, NSZL): Providing legal conditions for web archiving

14:45–15:00 Coffee break

15:00–15:30 Károly Kokas (Deputy Director-General, University of Szeged, Klebelsberg Library): Web historiography. Web space as a source of historiography

15:30–16:00 Ádám Parti (Group Leader, Library of the Hungarian Parliament, Reference and Content Services Department): Practice of archiving state and government content

16:00–17:30 Round-table discussion with the participation of invited representatives of the Hungarian archives, library and museum communities: László Drótos (National Széchényi Library), Zoltán Szatucsek (National Archives of Hungary), Péter Gerhard (Budapest City Archives), Ildikó Fejes (National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information), Zsolt Bánki (Petőfi Literary Museum)

If you wish to participate in the professional day, please, ASAP notify Ákos László Visky at the following e-mail address: visky.akos.laszlo@oszk.hu.