Exhibition and Auction of Young Writers

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2016/03/08 - 2016/04/12


The Exhibition of Young Writers will be opened on March 8, 2016, at 4 p.m. in National Széchényi Library where talented young writers and poets will be presented, through their works, portraits, CVs, publication lists and also via the original manuscripts of authors.

The exhibition will be opened by writer György Ferdinandy.

Participants will be Barbara Kiss (NSZL), Balázs Szöllössy (Young Writers Association, FISZ), journalist László Temesi, antiquarian Endre Szőnyi, idea inventor László Urbán and doctoral candidate Eszter Déri. The material of the exhibition, to be open for over a month, will be auctioned in National Széchényi Library on April 12, at 4 p.m. The auction will be managed by antiquarian Endre Szőnyi. Total revenues from the auction will go directly to the authors.

Before the auction, there will be a podium discussion about the state of young contemporary writers, the participants of which will be László Boka, literary historian, Director of Research and Academic Affairs at NSZL, Renátó Fehér (JAK), Éva Veronika Kalapos (Young Writers Association, FISZ), Tamás Korpa (member of the presiding body of FISZ) and Beatrix Visy, critic, literary historian.  Contributing to the discussion will be Álmos Ungvári.

Patron of the events is writer György Ferdinandy.

Both programs will be closed by an informal conversation.

The aim of the program series is to pave the way for civil patronage, in order to create a new source of funding for the generation of young writers. Target audience includes connoisseurs who are willing and able to make a generous sacrifice, in order to support authors of the near future. Supporting young writer talents is a common national and cultural interest, since these talented young people can be our future writer giants such as Attila József or Dezső Kosztolányi were.

Sponsors and supporters of the program series are: National Széchényi Library, Young Writers Association (FISZ), József Attila Kör, JAK (Attila József Circle), Szőnyi Antikvárium (Szőnyi Antique Books), Argumentum Könyvkiadó (Argumentum Publishing House), KÜRT Információbiztonsági és Adatmentő Zrt. (KÜRT Information Management and Data Recovery Co.), Károly Alexa and journal Életünk (Our Life), vintner Ferenc Séllei, entrepreneurs Lajos Pató and Simon Pató, journalist László Temesi and literary historian László Urbán.

Venue of the exhibition and auction: National Széchényi Library, Catalog Space on Floor 7