Me, the Snow Panther – book presentation

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The Hungarian Pen Club, National Széchényi Library and the Hungarian-Chinese Friendship Association cordially invite you to a Chinese-Hungarian poetry evening and the presentation ceremony of a volume of poems by Jidi Majia entitled Én, a hópárduc (Me, the Snow Panther).

The renowned Chinese poet Jidi Majia (1961–), hailing from China’s Yi-Nuosu minority, is the President of the China Minority Literary Association and Permanent Vice-President of the China Poets’ Association, and Vice-Chancellor of Lu Xun Literature Academy. He has been a recognized poet since the 1980s, and has published several volumes of poems. His poems have been translated into English, French, Spanish, Czech, Serbian, Korean, Polish, German and other languages, and they were published in nearly thirty countries. His work has been awarded numerous Chinese and international prizes. Jidi Majia is a promoter of dialogue between contemporary Chinese and foreign poets, initiator and patron of Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival, China. The collection of poems published recently by the Hungarian PEN Club is the first independent volume of the contemporary Chinese poet published in Hungarian. His poems were translated by Erika Barta, Péter Rácz and Géza Szőcs. The text was edited by Yu Zemin.

Welcome speeches will be given by Géza Szőcs, Kossuth Prize winner poet, President of the Hungarian PEN Club, Chief Cultural Advisor to the Prime Minister of Hungary, and by Yi-Nuosu poet Jidi Majia, a prominent figure of contemporary Chinese poetry, Vice-Chancellor of Lu Xun Literature Academy, Permanent Vice-President of the China Poets’ Association, and President of the China Minority Literary Association.

The volume will be presented by Géza Szőcs, Péter Rácz, Attila József Prize winner poet, translator, and Yu Zemin, translator.

Date: Monday May 22, 2017, 5 p.m.
Venue: National Széchényi Library, Ceremonial Hall on Floor 6

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