Mikes Kelemen Program – conference

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On May 4, 2017, NSZL will hold a conference on the importance of overseas hungarica, gathered via Mikes Kelemen Program, for public collections.

Guests will be greeted by representatives of the State Secretariat for National Policy and the State Secretariat for Culture.

The conference will be opened by Dr. László Tüske, Director-General of National Széchényi Library.

Speakers of the conference and participants of the round-table discussion will be:

  • Éva Dányi (NSZL): An overview of the history of Mikes Program
  • Ilona Kovács (NSZL): History of hungarica research in NSZL before Mikes Program
  • Tamás Mészáros (NSZL): Development of the repository workflow of Mikes Program
  • Zsigmond Bakó (National Archives of Hungary): Processing practice of the archives, processing of the archival bequest of Toronto
  • Árpád Maczelka (NSZL): Digital and digitized documents in Mikes Program
  • Attila Sárosi (NSZL): Specialties of the press of diaspora
  • Beatrice Lillin (NSZL): Experiences gained with the audiovisual materials of Mikes Program
  • Mihály Zichy (NSZL): Acquisitions of the Manuscript Collection from Mikes Program, division of labor between the national archives and the national library of Hungary
  • Borbála Zászkalicky (Library of the Hungarian Parliament): Mikes Program as an acquisition opportunity for other members of the Hungarian library network

After the conference, there will be a round-table discussion with the conference speakers.

Discussion will be moderated by Mátyás Attila Rényi (NSZL).

Entry to the conference is free. You are most cordially invited to the event!

Venue of the event: National Széchényi Library
4-5-6 Szent György Square, H-1014 Budapest
Date: Thursday May 4, 2017, 10.00-15:30

Invitation card (in Hungarian)

Poster of the conference

Mikes Program