Orientalists in NSZL – Lecture by Gyula Wojtilla: Thoughts on Buddha and the birth of a world religion

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The March speaker of the series featuring internationally renowned experts of Hungarian research into the East will be Gyula Wojtilla, indologist, ancient historian, Professor Emeritus of the University of Szeged who, in his lecture, will present research into the Indian origin and some new dilemmas of Buddhism.
According to standard reference books on the history of ancient India, Buddha was born circa mid-6th century BCE and died circa the second decade of 5th century BCE. This has been questioned by several prominent Buddhism researchers in the past three decades. Scientific public opinion has also been divided concerning the issue of original Buddhism being a religion or not. By the complex use of Pali Buddhist texts and the achievements of Indian social history and archeology, the lecture looks for possible answers to these questions.

Date: Wednesday March 13, 2019, 5 p.m.
Venue: National Széchényi Library, Wing “F” of Buda Royal Palace, 4–5–6 Szent György Square, H-1014 Budapest

You can attend the program free of charge.

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Orientalists in NSZL – lecture series

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