Researchers’ Night on September 29

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Just like in other countries of Europe, in Hungary too researchers present themselves every year on the last Friday of September. At the same time, we can become familiar with the process of their solving the mysteries of “life, universe and everything”. Visitors have the opportunity to see special places that cannot be visited at other times, and they can get acquainted with interesting people who bring them nearer to the curiosities and latest developments of science. Aim of the event is to make academic career attractive for young people, and to change favorably general opinion about researchers, which is frequently based on stereotypes.

All programs are free for visitors!!



Corvina Halls

  • 16:0022:00 Hungarian Sound Film Posters 1931–1944  (exhibition)
  • 20:0021:00 Gyula Kabos, Katalin Karády, Pál Jávor and their contemporaries on period posters. Exclusive tour of the exhibition entitled Hungarian Sound Film Posters 1931–1944 guided by György Nemlaha

Ceremonial Hall

  • 18:0019:00 “The song may not have been forgotten” – The memory of Mihály Tompa. Roundtable discussion related to our Mihály Tompa exhibition. Participants: József Takáts (Faculty of Humanities, University of Pécs), Gábor Vaderna (Faculty of Humanities, Eötvös Loránd University) and curators Ágnes Patonai and Rita Szűts-Novák

National Relic space

  • 16:0022:00 ”Others get laurel only by leaves…”  – Treasures, cult, impact history (exhibition)
  • 19:0020:00 Open display cabinet: the Toldi trilogy manuscript collection – presented by Zsuzsanna Rózsafalvi, curator of János Arany exhibition

Catalog space

Restorer Workshop

  • 17:0018:00 Investigation in the restorer workshop
  • 18:0019:00 Investigation in the restorer workshop

Theatre History Collection

  • 16:0022:00 “…let it be faithful to idea and form, yet free…” Exhibition on the first Hungarian edition of Complete Works by Shakespeare

Map Collection

  • 18:3019:00 Coelum Incognitum, or White spots in the sky
  • 19:0019:30 World War I on maps. Selection from the collection
  • 19:3020:00 Guided tour of the Map Collection with an outlook on map printing and other curiosities

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