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2017/11/23 - 2017/11/24


National Széchényi Library will hold its traditional scientific conference on November 23 and 24, 2017, related to the János Arany bicentenary and the 215th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian national library.

Invited plenary speakers of the 18th Scientific Session will be literary historians Péter Dávidházi, László Szörényi and Mihály Praznovszky, and historian Ambrus Miskolczy.

In addition their lectures, researchers and experts of National Széchényi Library will present their research results related to the afore-mentioned anniversaries.

From 9:30 until 16:00 on Thursday November 23, lectures will be presented to the audience on János Arany’s oeuvre, his relationship to contemporaries, about the so-called Arany cult, and the poet’s impact on theatre, music and fine arts. From 9:30 until 12:00 on Friday November 24, conference lectures will focus on Library founder Count Ferenc Széchényi’s relationship to his contemporaries, his patron activities, and presentations of his collections will be given from various aspects.

Scientific Session in National Széchényi Library

Thursday November 23, 2017
Scientific Session – ARANY 200

  • 9:00 – 9:10 Welcome speech by László Boka, Director of Research and Academic Affairs, NSZL

Section 1 (Chairman: László Boka)

  • 9:10–9:40 Plenary lecture
    László Szörényi: Chivalrous epic or verse novel? – Toldi’s Love, reread
  • 9:40–10:00 Rita Szűts-Novák: “Beware of a correspondent monster…”. Literary historical significance of János Arany’s and Mihály Tompa’s correspondence between 1847 and 1868
  • 10:00–10:20 Dániel Kis Domokos: Arany’s “confidential circle” and its effect on history: Sándor Szilágyi, Ferenc Salamon and Károly Szabó
  • 10:20–10:40 Mihály Praznovszky: Madách’s gold (arany)
  • 10:40–11:00 Comments, coffee break
  • 11:00–11:20 Zsuzsanna Rózsafalvi: Arany and the Arany album
  • 11:20–11:40 Ildikó Sirató: On the tragedy/ tragic theories of Arany and his age
  • 11:40–12:00 Edit Rajnai: “And falling to his feet, he says: »Gracious Prince«”. On 19th-century stage rhetoric
  • 12:00–13:30 Comments, lunch break

Section 2 (Chairwoman: Zsuzsanna Rózsafalvi)

  • 13:30–14:00 Plenary lecture
    Péter Dávidházi: “Life? death? János Arany and the poetry of crisis
  • 14:00–14:20 Balázs Mikusi: “I put down the lyre.” Arany’s first musical setting by Mihály Mosonyi (1863)
  • 14:20–14:40 László Boka: On the Arany image of Kosztolányi and Babits – at the distance of one hundred years
  • 14:40–15:00 Beatrix Visy: János Arany in contemporary Hungarian poetry
  • 15:00–15:20 Comments, coffee break
  • 15:20–15:40 László Deák: Hungarian versification according to Arany and today
  • 15:40–16:00 Kornélia Vas-Tóth: National Pantheon - the Great Triad (Arany, Petőfi, Tompa) on bookplates
  • 16:00–16:20 Zsuzsanna Tóth: Situation report…
  • 16:20–16:30 Comments

Friday November 24, 2017
Scientific Session – NSZL 215

  • 9:00–9:10 Welcome speech by Franciska Dede, Scientific Secretary of NSZL

Section 3 (Chairman: Eszter Deák)

  • 9:10–9:40 Plenary lecture
    Ambrus Miskolczy: Ferenc Széchényi and his contemporaries
  • 9:40–10:00 Eszter Deák: Ferenc Széchényi as a cultural patron – in the light of his correspondence
  • 10:00–10:20 Katalin Matolay: Reconstruction of Ferenc Széchényi’s book collection in the national library
  • 10:20–10:40 Comments, coffee break
  • 10:40–11:00 Marianne Érdi: Binding types characteristic of Ferenc Széchényi’s library
  • 11:00–11:20 György Danku: Count Ferenc Széchényi’s map collection in the mirror of numbers
  • 11:20–11:40 Éva Kelemen: “…Composers of musical works…” Music in the Széchényi family
  • 11:40–11:50 Comments
  • 11:50–12:00 Closing remarks by László Boka, Director of Research and Academic Affairs, NSZL

Discount book sales during conference breaks
Venue: Ceremonial Hall of NSZL, on Floor 6
The program is open to the public and free; no preliminary registration is required.

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