Divine Wisdom – Divine Nature – exhibition

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2017/02/20 - 2017/04/20

Culture historical exhibition of The Ritman Library in National Széchényi Library

As of February 2017, National Széchényi Library will host a unique traveling exhibition. Gems of the literature of Hermetic Philosophy, 400-year-old, classic Rosicrucian documents will be presented, which once urged the educated European world to embrace “general, worldwide reformation”. The immense intellectual and spiritual impulse and message of these documents not only had a major impact on the cultural history of Europe but, by the depth and clarity of thought, they have also been present in our present-day culture as an ever influencing impulse.

The philosophy of the exhibited documents searches for answers to eternal, universal questions, such as what kind of values to follow while living and changing, so that a new vista of life could evolve – with us, within us and by us.

The content of the exhibition looks back on us from a perspective of 400 years; the questions raised are very much alive even today, and perhaps we are still looking for the answers.

The traveling exhibition arrives in Budapest after a tour of Calw, Basel, Amsterdam, London and Cracow.

A conference related to the exhibition will be held in the Ceremonial Hall of National Széchényi Library on February 18, 2017.

Venue: National Széchényi Library, H-1827 Budapest, Wing 'F' of Buda Royal Palace, Corvina Hall on Floor 6

The exhibition will be open between February 21 and April 20, 2017, Tuesday to Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Ticket prices: full price: HUF 800/person; discount price: HUF 400/person

Poster of the exhibition

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