ISSN International Centre, Paris


The centre of the international computer database of serial publications is the ISSN International Centre which has been operating in Paris since 1972:

ISSN International Centre
20, rue Bachaumont
75002 PARIS
Tel.: (33 1) 44-88-22-20
Fax: (33 1) 40-26-32-43
World Wide Web:
Its main tasks:

  • To direct and co-ordinate the professional work of the ISSN network, to maintain relations with the national and regional centres;
  • To maintain the ISSN number blocks, that is, assigning them to the regional and national centres, keeping a record of deleted or withdrawn ISSN numbers, etc.;
  • To enter the data of serial publications reported by the national and regional centres into the international database, to maintain the database, to send the supplementary data and amendments entered to the network centres at regular intervals;
  • To promote the elaboration of international standards related to the registration of serial publications;
  • To disseminate and publicize the ISSN international registration system and its database.

The international ISSN database contains over 950,000 records and it is expected to grow by 40,000 items yearly. The countries handling the biggest national data blocks (the United States and France) contribute over 140,000 records to the international database. Hungary, with 20,000 records, is one of the middle-sized data-block builders.

Detailed information on products issued by the ISSN International Centre can be found on the homepage of the Paris Centre: